* Environmentally Friendly
* Made from renewable resources
* Cost effective!

E-Z Flow can now offer you a green alternative for Foam In Place packaging!

After testing dozens of samples from several different sources over several months, we have a formula that works well in E-Z Flow equipment, and is made primarily from botanically derived materials.

We bring you over twelve years of experience in the Foam In Place field, with hundreds of customers all over the U.S. and all over the world. Our reliability and ease of use, and our dedication to customer service, are well known. We would not bring you a product like this unless we were ready to stand behind it.

E-Z Flow’s Botanithane Green 50 is a light, .33 pound per cubic foot packaging foam, well suited for most Foam In Place applications. The polyol resin (“B” chemical) is very light, looks somewhat like skim milk, and has a very slight foodlike odor. It mixes well in our E-Z Flow cartridges, rises and dries in about 30 seconds, and provides the same level of cushioning as current petroleum based chemicals. And it consists of over 60 percent plant based materials!

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